5 Key Questions to Ask When Shopping for Generator Parts

5 Key Questions to Ask When Shopping for Generator Parts

Posted by Generator Magic on 27th Jun 2024

Your home standby generator gives you peace of mind and confidence that you won’t be left in the dark if an emergency were to strike. But what happens when a part goes out, or you need the tools and guidance to keep up with your generator’s maintenance? Finding the right reliable Generac generator parts and generator maintenance kits is key to keeping your generator in tip-top shape so you are prepared for the unexpected.

Knowing How a Generator Works

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The first step to fixing or maintaining a generator is knowing how a generator works. At their most basic function, generators transform mechanical energy into electrical energy. This is helpful in a power outage, at a remote location, out on a construction site, anywhere temporary lighting and heating are needed, and more.

Generators are complex pieces of equipment with many components that make them function. When each part works together flawlessly, your generator will run reliably. Some of the Generac generator parts that many generators rely on include:

It is essential for each piece within a generator to work well, and generator maintenance kits can help ensure everything is moving smoothly within the generator. Generator maintenance and troubleshooting can be difficult, but the correct diagnostic repair manual can guide you through the intricacies of your specific generator.

5 Top Questions for Buying Generac Generator Parts

When it’s time for your generator to undergo a repair, replacement, or maintenance, you want to make sure you ask the right questions so you can purchase the right parts and have the right skills to perform the task at hand.

From finding the right Generac generator parts to narrowing down your needs by looking through generator maintenance kits, having the right questions in mind will ensure you get what you need to fix your generator and keep it running smoothly.

1. Did You Find Generac Generator Parts Compatible with Your Generator?

Generac 0H06430SRV 2008 Air Cooled Control PanelThe first question you need to ask yourself when looking for generator replacement parts is whether the parts you are looking at are compatible with your generator. Many Generac generator parts — fuel tanks, for example — look similar but are not interchangeable. Finding the model and part numbers for your specific generator is essential to ensuring you get the correct parts. When all else fails, fill out Generator Magic’s replacement part form for quick, personalized help finding the right part.

Even generator maintenance kits are specialized for specific generators. When finding the perfect kit to keep your generator working well, be sure you know your generator’s model number so you get the right materials to keep up your generator’s maintenance.

Fortunately, you have options for replacement parts depending on your generator. Generac generator parts will often fit Generac-branded generators, including:

  • Honeywell
  • Guardian
  • Siemens
  • Carrier
  • Watchdog
  • Centurion
  • Eaton
  • Bryant

2. Are These Genuine Generac Generator Parts?

It is important to make sure you purchase genuine parts when shopping for replacement elements for your generator. If you are shopping with trustworthy, authorized dealers, you will find original equipment manufacturer parts. More commonly referred to as OEM parts, these are the same Generac generator parts used when your generator is first built.

Using genuine Generac generator parts maintains the integrity of the generator’s design and eliminates the risk of compatibility issues you can find with counterfeit or off-brand items. It is also helpful to shop with a company like Generator Magic that has real-time inventory so you know you are getting authentic parts in a timely manner.

Shopping with a trusted company is also helpful when looking for generator maintenance kits. When you have authentic parts, you want to keep them working well with generator maintenance kits specifically made for your generator.

3. Will the Quality Hold Up Over Time?

The last thing you want when replacing parts in your generator is to have to turn around in a year or two and replace them again. By choosing quality Generac generator parts, you can rest assured that, with proper care and upkeep, your generator will work for years to come.

Generac generators are known for their high-quality craftsmanship, and Generac generator parts carry that excellence when you need a replacement or repair. All Generac parts sold by Generator Magic include Generac’s 30-day warranty, giving you the assurance that you are receiving a part that the company believes in.

4. How Will Your Generator Replacement Part Be Installed?

Generac 0K2267C /0K2267A / 0K2267 B Evolution Control Panel For Liquid Cooled Generators

While you might be a master DIY-er in other situations, fixing and installing generator parts can be a challenging task that requires a special touch and specific knowledge. For example, the Generac Evolution Control Panel must be programmed correctly or it could damage the generator, controller, or the connected loads. It is wise to seek out a local professional to install this and similar parts.

Still, many Generac generator parts are designed for easy installation, giving you the power to repair your own equipment. Investigate your specific needs before purchasing your replacement parts, and have a plan ready for getting your generator running again.

5. What Generator Maintenance Is Required for Optimal Function?

It is incredible how staying on top of maintenance tasks can keep your generator running for years. The upkeep of a generator and all its components will help you have confidence that your generator is ready in case of emergency. Generator maintenance kits can help with the overall preservation of your generator.

Fortunately, generator maintenance kits are built for the everyday person, meaning you will be able to care for your generator, from oil changes and spark plug replacements to filter swaps and more, no matter your technical skill. All of the generator maintenance kits sold at Generator Magic include genuine Generac parts, so you know you are getting the best.

Finding the right replacement parts for your generator and using proper generator maintenance kits give you the assurance that your generator will work when you need it most. Don’t be left in the dark with faulty parts and neglected equipment. Ask the right questions to guarantee you get the best Generac generator parts that will keep your power on and give you peace of mind.