Brush Assemblies

Keep your generator's current strong with high-quality brush assemblies from Generator Magic. In an electric generator, brushes play a crucial role in power generation for your generator.  While brushes typically last for thousands of hours, sometimes they chip, break, or are worn down prematurely from dirty slip rings.. Knowing when to replace your carbon brush assemblies – and where to find the highest quality OEM replacement parts – is critical to keeping your generator running the way it should. 

Brush assemblies needing replacement can lead to reduced performance, inconsistent power, sparking or arching, and a burning smell. Old and damaged carbon brush assemblies can't be repaired, so the only option is to replace them. Thankfully, Generator Magic has the authentic, affordable, high-quality Generac replacement brush assemblies you need to keep the power running to your generator.

Thanks to our easy-to-understand replacement parts, complicated installations are a thing of the past. You don't need to be an expert to keep your generator in shape. With our free diagnostic manual downloads, part number finder page, and affordable shipping options, you can find the parts you need to bring your generator back to life – all delivered in as little as two days. 

Our collection of brush assemblies is designed to restore your generator's performance and ensure it's ready to provide you with power whenever you require it. Don't let a worn-out brush assembly leave your home, office, or job site in the dark – explore our selection of Generac brush assemblies today and ensure you can enjoy the power you depend on.