Stepper Motors

Elevate the precision and performance of your generator with the exceptional range of stepper motors from Generator Magic. Crafted with cutting-edge technology, these stepper motors are the perfect solution for achieving precise control over the motion of your generator's components. Whether you're upgrading your generator’s motor or need to make a repair, our stepper motors offer unparalleled accuracy in converting electrical pulses into exact mechanical movements.

At Generator Magic, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality stepper motors that seamlessly integrate into your Generac generator. These motors are meticulously selected to meet the diverse needs of various applications, offering the reliability and efficiency required for optimal generator performance. You can rest assured that all our stepper motors are guaranteed Generac OEM parts of the highest quality, offering unparalleled return on investment. 

Our stepper motors are characterized by their robust construction, ensuring durability and stability even in demanding operational environments. From complete stepper motor replacements to upgrading the governor or motor assembly, you’ll find everything you need at Generator Magic.