Wheels and Axles

When it comes to your generator's mobility, having sturdy and reliable wheels and axles is a must. But when your generator's parts begin to wear out, don't think about replacing the entire unit. Instead, breathe new life into your Generac generator with our comprehensive collection of replacement wheels and axles designed to enhance your generator's mobility.

Our Generac replacement wheels and axles are designed to fit a wide range of generator models and brands. Whether you have a portable generator for outdoor adventures or an industrial generator for demanding applications, we have the solution you need. With our high-quality wheels and axles, you'll be able to move your generator with ease, even across rough or uneven surfaces. This is especially valuable in emergencies or when using your generator in remote locations. 

The team at Generator Magic knows that your ability to keep your generator in service is paramount. That's why we do everything in our power to allow you to make the repairs or replace parts on your own. From finding the right parts to learning how to make the repairs, we've got you covered. Unsure exactly what you need? Check out our Find Part Numbers page

Our collection of replacement wheels and axles is designed to provide the reliability and durability you need to move your generator where it's needed most. Don't let transportation challenges limit your generator's utility – explore our selection today and enhance your generator's mobility for greater convenience and versatility. With our replacement wheels and axles, you can ensure your generator is always ready to power your world.