Air Filters

Generators are crucial to keeping the lights on and power running. Whether it's on a job site for planned outages and construction or for home use during hazardous weather, knowing your generator is dependable, efficient, and safe is critical. Routine maintenance, which ranges from changing the oil and replacing spark plugs to keeping the filters fresh and more, ensures your generator is running the way it should.  

One of the often-overlooked aspects of generator maintenance is ensuring your air filters are clean. Generator Magic offers various Generac Air Filters designed to fit your precise generator. All of our parts are brand new and offer you the best quality, price, and results. In addition to a guaranteed fit for Generac brands, our air filters will typically fit Generac-branded generators from Honeywell, Watchdog, Eaton, Siemens, and more. 

Keeping spare parts on hand allows you to reduce downtime and increase efficiency. By being more efficient and reducing fuel consumption, you're also reducing environmental impact and increasing the longevity of your generator. Whether you're shopping for parts for yourself or buying replacements to have a professional install for you, our variety and our Generac parts lookup tool makes it quick and easy to find the air filters you need the first time. 

Don't risk your backup power source. Keep your generator running like new and experience the reassurance of having a generator that is always prepared to deliver reliable performance when you need it.