5-Step Guide to Finding the Right Replacement Part for Your Generac Generator

5-Step Guide to Finding the Right Replacement Part for Your Generac Generator

Posted by Generator Magic on 30th Nov 2023

Generators are essential machines that provide backup power during outages, emergencies, and outdoor events. To ensure they continue to function efficiently, there may come a time when you need to replace certain Generac parts on your generator. But how do you navigate the process of finding the correct replacement part for your generator?

Instead of spending precious time on the phone or searching the web to figure out which Generac parts you need, we're making it easy to identify and purchase the correct replacement parts for your generator. Here is the step-by-step process, as well as a few resources on how to find the right part for your generator..

Steps to Find the Right Serial Number

Step 1: Locate Your Generator's Model and Serial Number

The first and most crucial step in finding the correct replacement generator parts is to locate your generator's model and serial number. Model numbers are typically found on a nameplate or decal on the generator itself and are usually a combination of letters and numbers. Serial numbers will also be on the same data plate, but are only numbers between 7 and 14 digits long.

The location of this nameplate may vary depending on the generator's make and model, but they are most commonly found on the frame or engine of the generator. If you have looked in these two places without any luck, consult your generator's manual or refer to some of our helpful images for guidance.


Step 2: Identify the Replacement Generator Part You Need

Once you have the model and serial number in hand, it’s time to identify the specific generator part you need to replace. If you have the user manual that came with your generator, that’s an excellent place to start. The manual often includes a parts list and the corresponding part number for each component.

In many cases, the manufacturer’s website will have a resources section that allows you to look up your generator parts by model and serial number. This is especially helpful if you’ve misplaced your manual. Simply enter your generator’s details and look for the specific Generac part you need.

At Generator Magic, we’ve also created a dedicated page called “ Generac Generator Parts Lookup” for those commonly replaced maintenance parts. 

This is the place to be if you're searching for items like:

  • Maintenance kits
  • Oil filters
  • Air filters
  • Fuses
  • Spark plugs

These are the generator parts that many customers need to replace on an annual basis. You can easily find what you need, and with our images and detailed descriptions, identifying the right part is a breeze.

Step 3: Consult Your Generator's Manual for Replacement Generac Parts Help

Generac 0H0983 Diagnostic Repair Manual

If you have the user manual, turn to the parts list section and locate the generator part you need. Make a note of the part number, as this will be crucial when searching for a replacement. If you don't have a manual, that's okay. Generator Magic offers a wide variety of free Generac Diagnostic Manuals you can use to determine the right generator part for your needs, as well as how to troubleshoot what may be wrong with your generator.

Step 4: Seek Expert Assistance

At Generator Magic, we listened to your feedback and are excited to announce a dedicated page that will be your go-to resource for identifying the exact Generac part you need for your generator. Whether you have the serial number or not, we're here to assist you with two easy options:

  1. Identification by serial number
  2. Expert customer support

The first option is to input your generator's serial number into our generator parts tool, and we'll provide you with the relevant manual. This manual contains parts schematics that will help you pinpoint the exact part you need for your generator model.

If you're unable to identify the Generac part number, or if you're not confident in your choice, don't hesitate to reach out to experts or the manufacturer's customer support. With more than 20 years of experience, we can guide you in finding the correct replacement part based on your generator's details.

If you're confused or unsure of the correct replacement part, our " What Generac Part Do I Need?" page offers a form that customers can fill out with their contact information, model and serial number for their Generac generator, the type of part they're looking for, and any notes they want to include. Our team is typically able to respond to requests submitted during business hours the same day, most times within an hour. We're here to provide the support you need when you need it.

Step 5: Verify the Compatibility of your Generator Parts

Before finalizing your purchase, double-check the compatibility of the replacement part with your generator's make and model. Ensure that the part number matches and that it is designed for your specific generator. This can be done by matching the Generac part with the number listed in the manual or sourcing expert advice from an experienced retailer or repair person.

Is Quality and Authenticity Important When Buying Generac Generator Parts?

We always recommend opting for genuine replacement Generac parts whenever possible. Authentic parts are more likely to fit perfectly, perform efficiently, and contribute to the longevity of your generator. Avoid generic or aftermarket options, as they may not meet the same standards as genuine parts. Generic or aftermarket generator parts may also void your warranty, so it's important to consider whether or not it is worth it in the long run.

What Generac Maintenance Kit Do I Need?

Generac 0J57670SSM Maintenance Kit with Proprietary 5W-20 Synthetic Oil for 12 – 17kW Air-Cooled GeneratorsGenerator Magic is also excited to announce a page specifically designed to help you find the correct controller for your generator. This page features images and detailed comparisons to make the selection process a breeze. It's our way of simplifying the decision-making process for our valued customers while providing them with a service that is unlike anything offered by other companies.

Finding the correct replacement Generac part for your generator may seem daunting at first, but by following these steps and utilizing available resources, you can navigate the process with confidence. Whether you're dealing with a power outage, prepping for an outdoor event, or ensuring the continued operation of your generator, having the best replacement Generac parts at your disposal is essential for uninterrupted power.

At Generator Magic, our mission is to simplify the process of finding the correct part number for your Generac generator so you can get back to powering your world with ease. We're committed to providing you with the best tools and resources, and we're here to assist you every step of the way. Stay tuned for these new-and-improved features, and let us be your trusted partner in generator maintenance and repair. Your satisfaction is our priority.